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Vacuum Suction Bags & Rings

Vacuum Bags & Rings for PVB Laminated Glasses
Vacuum Bags & Rings for PVB Laminated Glasses
acuum Bags & Rings For Making Laminated Glass Vacuum Bag Supplied: More than 5000 bags of different sizes In India: Asahi, Impact, GSC, Goldplus, Gurind, Chandralaxmi, Banglore Safety, TPRS and others Exports - Glass manufacturers of more than 40 countries including USA, Australia,Canada, Spain, Netherlands, Malaysia, Germany, Belgium, UAE etc. Key Product features: Sizes: Customized sizes from 0.7 mtr X 0.7 mtr to 3.5 mtr X 6.5 mtr. Temperature: upto 130°C working temperature. High Temperature Rubber bags upto 250°C also available for EVA/PU lamination Versatile: Glass of any thickness ranging from 3mm to 6omm and any size. Life: Minimum Average - 3000 cycles and more Productivity: Enhanced productivity as more than one glass can be inserted simultaneously Mouth closing: Multiple folding, Rubber Zipper. Mouth opening can be provided on one/ two/ three sides to facilitate easy insertion removal of glass laminates Nozzles: One or more nozzles; steel on side or silicone moulded nozzles on top Material: Polyester lined Rubberized fabric bags suitable upto 130 deg C, High temperature material Polysiloxane (Silicone Rubber) Vacuum Ring Supplied: More than 25000 rings of different sizes In India: All laminated glass manufacturers Exports: Glass manufacturers of more than 40 countries Spain, Finland, Peru, Syria, Belgium, Australia, Israel, Hungary, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, UAE, Kenya, Morocco & others Key Product Features: Ring Sizes: Customized sizes Ring Profiles: Separate profiles to suit glass thicknesses 4-8mm & 6mm-14mm,10 mm-22 mm, 12 mm - 40 mm Ring Shapes: Endless with 1/2 connecting tubes, D section: triangular or trapezium sections with or without corner joints Temperature: upto 250°C working temperature Life: Approx 1000 glasses/ring minimum Material: Transparent Polysiloxane (Silicone Rubber) of High Tensile Strength, Elongation at break, Tear Strength and resilience for longer life repeated use. Non Silicone/Silicone Free/EPDM material also available. Delivery: Within 1 week
Price Range : 1000.00 - 100000.00 INR
Vacuum Bags
Vacuum Bags
Thickness : 3 - 5 Millimeter (mm)
Length : 40 x 60 Centimeter (cm)
Product Type : Vacuum Bags
Supply Ability : 500 Meter Per Day
Price Range : 8.00 - 9.00 INR